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Ribbon dress (mix)

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Ribbon dress.

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Ribbon dress with stripes effect.

It gives the effect of being made with a mixed ribbon textile, but it is actually made with a single thread spinning.

The original combination of turquoise tones is only reached by the peculiarity of the textile in which it's made.

Loose and stylized pattern. It has a wide "canalé" in the body part and in the elastic.



Quality and safety warranty

All our products have been manufactured with european made fabrics, thereby its process has been respectful to the environment, and even more important, you won't have to worry about possible noxious substances used in tinting processes that could affect childrens' health.

You also won't have to worry about a possible vulneration of child or social rights because the confection and fabric are completely made in Spain, in factories adequately certified with good social and labor practices.

CuidadosWash with cold water | Do not use bleach | Do not use dryer | Iron at minimum temperature

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